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100% pure & natural Eclipta Alba with no added chemicals or preservatives for hair growth, healthy scalp and hair shine. Suitable to all hair types. Naturally organic and vegan.

Suffering from hair loss or thinning falling out hair? Then bhringraj natural hair growth mask is essential for your hair.

Bhringraj leaves has the highest proven growth properties of all the herbal powders and is an essential part of ayurvedic natural hair care treatment for hair loss prevention and hair growth.  It aids blood circulation to scalp rejuvenating hair follicles by nourishing roots with nutrients which in turn promotes hair growth and helps to reduce hair loss and baldness.

Bhringraj leaf powder works well in combination with brahmi, amla, reetha and shikakai, all vegan hair powders helping to promote hair growth for longer stronger hair. Amla Bhringraj Brahmi hair oil  compliments the hair growth regime.

Frequent use of Bhringraja enhances the colour of black hair beautifully with the natural black dye content found in Eclipta Alba, leaving hair shining whilst at the same time preventing premature greying. Please be aware if you have blonde or white hair and bhringraj powder hair mask is left on hair too long it may darken colour slightly although this will wash out over time.

Bhringraj Powder for Hair Growth, why?

Bhringraj means “Ruler of the hair” and is the king of hair growth plants. Bhringraj oil and powder is one of the most beneficial and essential hair growth plant commonly used in ayurvedic medicine to promote healthy scalp and hair growth and can be used to treat many related hair and scalp problems such as hair loss, baldness, dandruff and premature graying and even split ends. A must have herbal remedy as part of hair growth regime for alopecia.

Bhringraj plant also known as False Daisy and Eclipta Alba is rich in a type of alkaloid known as Ecliptine and the leaves and contain high amounts of essential protein for hair. It strengthens hair roots to stimulate hair growth. Eclipta Alba does contain a natural black dye and in conjunction with other powders such as shikakai and brahmi hair will become darker over time with frequent use.

Bhringraj powder can be infused in coconut or sesame oil to make bhringraj oil. Oil is best left on overnight to penetrate into scalp and nourish roots for stronger thicker hair.

Bhringraj powder is very good for dry scalp and hair as it will leave dandruff free scalp and beautiful shining hair

The herb is also known for relieving headache and migraine so why not try a bhringraj facial and relax.

Suggestions For Use:

Hair Growth: bhringraj, brahmi, amla, reetha, shikakai, aloe vera, neem.

Hair Shine/Growth Conditioner:  bhringraj, amla, reetha, shikakai, aloe vera, cassia obovata, hibiscus.


All products are indeed organic and I couldn't be more happy with the prices. Davis Finest is probably the best organic hair and skin store I know so far.

Anita Smith

The fact that these are all chemical free and all natural products is already a moment for me. People from Davis Finest are also very friendly, Couldn't ask for more.

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