Hibiscus Powder

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Pure Natural Hibiscus Powder for Hair Growth, Face, Hair Shine Conditioner - Anti-Wrinkle Skin Tightening Face Brightening Rejuvenating Moisturising Facial Mask 100g


SKIN TIGHTENING:  known as the botox plant pure hibiscus powder is packed with natural vitamins A B C and antioxidants for aging skin helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its high mucilage content responsible for locking in moisture to keep skin hydrated and supple. Antioxidants increase skin’s elasticity and collagen beneficial for reducing wrinkles. A MUST for antiaging antiwrinkle skincare with natural skin tightening firming properties for sagging skin

GLOWING SKIN:  the natural acids of hibiscus leaves powder removes dead skin to rejuvenate hydrate and moisturise. A natural blemish control skin lightener it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, dark blemishes and spots. Use as a hydrating face mask moisturiser or as part of your face mask pack to achieve soft supple beautiful skin. Your face will feel soft, smooth and radiant. Your skin will glow with this natural skin brightener complexion rescue. Beauty without cruelty

HAIR GROWTH POWDER & DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT:  vital nutrients coat hair follicles making roots and hair stronger promoting healthy hair growth. Hibiscus leaf powder prevents premature greying, reduce hair fall and protects hair against split ends. It also works as an antidandruff treatment on dry, flaky itchy scalp. A deep conditioner and hair brightener for natural, curly, dry, damaged hair hibiscus will deep condition to leave hair soft manageable and shining beautiful hair

RED HAIR COLOUR CONDITIONER:  both hibiscus and manjistha contain a natural red stain which makes a shine conditioner for red or dark hair or can be added to henna for a red hair dye

SUITABILITY:  to all hair and skin types BUT NOTE, white or blonde hair may get red stain. Although hibiscus does not colour on its own it contains anthocyanins that change colour depending on PH. For instance if ph of mixture is 1, this will give red/purple and if 2-4, blue. Also, red stain will interact with other chemicals if existing shade is pink, blue or any mixed chemical colours


Hibiscus Powder for Skincare - skin firming and toning

The Hibiscus flower plant is full of plant power. Known as the BOTOX plant it is packed with vitamins (including vitamins A, B and C) minerals and antioxidants called anthocyanosides that protects against free radical damage, the antiaging properties of hibiscus are endless and an essential contribution to your antiaging antiwrinkle skincare regime whether for use as a natural face lifting mask, skin tightening mask or even a collagen face mask for sagging skin, as antioxidants will improve, increase and maintain skin’s elasticity. Regular use of hibiscus as a face mask pack will slow down elastin degradation.  It is botox in a packet or in a plant, you can have your own diy botox face mask.

Containing astringent properties hibiscus is a natural skin cleanser toner for use as a pore cleanser and oily skin control treatment by cleansing, toning and tightening skin and enlarged pores helping to reduce acne and spots.  Hibiscus powder also contains polyphenol which has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflamed skin and can be used on the most sensitive skin.

Hibiscus powder is a natural skin moisturiser thanks to its high mucilage content which is responsible for locking in moisture to keep skin hydrated, rejuvenated and supple. The natural acid in hibiscus removes dead skin cells and regenerate cells leaving smooth radiant glowing skin.

Haircare - Hair Growth, Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth – Natural Colour

Hibiscus works by enhancing blood circulation in scalp so that vital nutrients coat hair follicles, making roots and hair stronger promoting healthy hair growth.  It will prevent premature greying and reduce hair fall and protect against split ends. It also works as an antidandruff treatment on dry, flaky itchy scalp and works wonders as a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner enhancing hair shine and leaving you with beautiful hair.


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100% Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Powder







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