Neem Powder

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Azadirachta Indica, Indian Lilac


ACNE TREATMENT:  natural herbal plant power neem powder is grounded and sifted finely from pure neem leaves which makes a light paste ideal to use in beauty face mask for acne prone skin to rid skin of acne and spots

PROBLEM SKIN & DRY SCALP:  neem leaves powder is antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory with antiseptic properties that fight against bacteria giving relief from dry damaged flaky itchy skin and scalp caused by inflammations such as eczema and psoriasis by reducing, cooling and soothing redness and irritation

HAIR GROWTH:  neem is the hair mask for damaged hair repair anti-dandruff treatment. Frequent use will help to strengthen and thicken thinning hair and reduce hair fall, eliminates itching and dandruff leaving hair and scalp clean and healthy thereby stimulating hair follicles promoting hair regrowth

LICE TREATMENT:  natural insecticide to treat head lice

SUITABILITY:  all skin and hair types. Neem powder is a naturally organic vegan product and does not contain parabens, chemicals or preservatives


Neem Powder is from the Neem Leaf tree (Azadirachta Indica) a powerful versatile plant that provides amazing benefits, too numerous to mention as every part of the tree contains benefits from health to hair and skin. Neem leaves (like Aloe Vera and Tulsi) have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic properties which help to fight off unwanted bacteria.

Neem is effective in helping to treat any skin and scalp issues and truly helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair. A natural astringent neem can be used to tone skin.

Neem's antibacterial and antifungal properties can be used to treat eczema and psoriasis by giving relief to dry, flaky and itchy irritations of the skin and scalp, reducing redness with natural cooling and soothing properties and locking in moisture. It eliminates the bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

For the hair frequent use of neem increases blood circulation in the scalp to get rid of dandruff giving relief to itchy scalp leaving clean healthy scalp thereby stimulating hair follicles to promote hair growth. Hair will be strengthened and thickened reducing hair fall and thinning hair.

Neem contains azadirachtin, an insecticidal ingredient which makes it ideal to treat head lice as it stops their growth and production as well as use as a pesticide and insecticide. Great to get rid of mosquitos. Neem is nature's natural fertilizer for plants.

Suggestions For Use:

Facial Mask: combine neem with aloe vera, hibiscus, liquorice root, multani mitti, reetha, rose petal and tulsi for a superior cleansing and rejuvenating mask.

Hair Growth/Itchy Scalp: combine neem with aloe vera, bhringraj, brahmi, cassia obovata, hibiscus, reetha and shikakai for a nourishing scalp and hair treatment. For cooling scalp add tulsi.

Problem Skin/Antibacterial: neem, aloe vera, brahmi, tulsi, liquorice root, manjistha, multani mitti.

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100% Azadirachta Indica


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All products are indeed organic and I couldn't be more happy with the prices. Davis Finest is probably the best organic hair and skin store I know so far.

Anita Smith

The fact that these are all chemical free and all natural products is already a moment for me. People from Davis Finest are also very friendly, Couldn't ask for more.

Katina Sawyer