Cassia Obovata Powder

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Cassia Powder Neutral Henna Powder for strengthening conditioning and hair shine - enhance the color of blonde hair


STRENGTHENING & THICKENING CONDITIONER: cassia leaf powder is a strengthening and thickening conditioner that will strengthen hair roots stimulating hair growth leaving hair not only smooth and glowing but thicker stronger and fuller. Cassia powder is also useful as an anti dandruff treatment that will leave scalp and hair clean healthy and dandruff free

SHINE CONDITIONER & HAIR BRIGHTENER: a natural hair shine vegan conditioner and glossy hair treatment cassia obovata will not only strengthen and thicken hair but will leave soft silky frizz free shining hair

VOLUMISING HAIR POWDER: cassia is a great volumising conditioner for fine damaged thinning hair and sensitive scalp and will add increase volume to hair to make it thicker and fuller

BLONDE HAIR COLOUR CONDITIONER: also known as senna leaves, clear, colourless or white henna, cassia leaves powder is a ppd chemical free natural hair colour conditioner that enhances yellow and blonde hair colouring bringing out the natural golden colour which is great for blonde hair. NOTE it will colour white or grey hair a pale yellow colour (semi permanent as it does wash out over time) but it does not affect dark hair

SUITABILITY: for all hair types BUT NOTE above, if hair is light white or grey it may take on a temporary light pale yellow dye colour (may not work with stubborn greys in which case more than one application needed or add henna for long lasting colour) which works wonders for existing blonde hair colour. This is a naturally organ vegan hair dye conditioner product with no parabens, synthetics or preservatives.


Cassia Obovata is often called neutral henna but cassia, unlike henna, has no dye content but contains Chrysophanic Acid (a natural anthraquinone also found in Rhubarb root and used for highlighting gray hair) which will colour light hair (gray, white or blond) a pale yellow colour. Our cassia obovata powder is from organic fields in India and is great as a natural hair dye conditioner for blonde colour hair, whether natural or chemically treated because it will just enhance the natural colour but it is always advisable to test before applying.

Dark hair will not be affected by the acid in cassia instead it will be left thickened and glowing.

Cassia strengthens hair roots stimulating hair growth and thickens hair leaving it strong and healthy.

Cassia is also a brilliant hair shine conditioner that will leave you with glossy shining hair particularly if blonde coloured hair.

Suggestions for Use:

Blonde Hair Dye Conditioner:  cassia obovata only.

Hair Growth for dark hair:  mix cassia with amla, bhringraj, brahmi, hibiscus, reetha, shikakai.

Natural Hair Conditioner for dark hair:  mix cassia with aloe vera, amla, hibiscus, neem, reetha, shikakai and tulsi.

Henna and Cassia:  various shades of blonde-copper red can be achieved by mixing henna and cassia whether alone or with a combination of herbal powders but always add small amounts of henna to cassia and test colour before adding more as henna is always more dominant than all the herbal powders. NOTE: you will have to experiment here.

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(1) Mix powder with warm water into a custard like paste. Can be used straight away or, alternatively


100% Cassia Senna Leaf Extract Powder


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