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About Henna

Davis Finest Henna Powder is organically grown in organic fields in Sojat Rajasthan. Our henna leaf powder is 100 per cent pure herbal powder from Lawsonia Inermis henna’s botanical name and is also known as mehandi or mehndi powder. Henna is a vegan hair dye as it is a plant based dye suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians. We are not certified by Soil Association as our preparing processing packing and labelling are all done in the heart of Henna City, India. We don’t just slap a label on the packaging in the UK or US and say made in the UK or US we source fresh and directly from the farmers in India. We are working with Soil Association and hope they’ll find a resolution (if possible) to the problem so in the meantime we say 100% pure natural henna instead of pure organic henna until we can be certified by Soil Association and instead looking towards being certified USDA organic. Our customers are important to us so we think they should know this.

Henna powder is a natural product, hypoallergenic, ppd free and chemical free and a must for people with ppd allergy or wanting a change from synthetic and harsh chemical hair dyes. Henna powder can be used on sensitive scalp. Henna is not only a dye for hair and body, it also nourishes your scalp and hair and frequent use will give hair a natural shine.

Our body art quality henna has been grounded finely and triple sifted into baq fine powder used in creative henna body art work so it makes a very smooth liquid henna paste that is easy to wash out of hair. Natural henna powder can be combined with indigo powder to create permanent hair dye colours such as light brown ash brown dark brown medium brown and black to jet black natural hair colouring. It is not like the commercial henna herbal hair dyes that give instant colour. Our henna will not bleach hair but rather add colour to existing hair colour and can work with other powders to give a natural herbal hair colour. Not just for hair, natural henna hair dye is safe to use for men to colour beards, moustache and even sideburns.

Henna is also a deep hair conditioning and anti-dandruff treatment that can be part of your DIY hair growth treatment as it will leave scalp and hair healthy promoting growth whilst also leaving hair conditioned and soft with the most amazing gloss and shine. Great for dull dry lacklustre black hair. You will be left with shining beautiful hair.

Henna can be added to other natural powders for hair such as cassia obovata powder for a strawberry blonde hair colour or ginger hair dye or a variety of colours from blonde to copper red.

Manjistha powder and hibiscus powder can be added to henna mix for a fiery red hair dye, all experimental depending on red colour you want to get.

Amla Powder mixed into henna powder will tone down the red in henna so if going for a brown brunette hair colour this would be a good headstart.

Do you want to dye grays naturally? If so, then it would be henna and indigo. Henna does not affect black hair (although with frequent use your black hair will have a red tint glow visible in bright sunlight, a sort of red black color which enhances black hair colour).

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