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Part 3 - The Essential Steps to Good Skincare: Moisturizing

Part 3 - The Essential Steps to Good Skincare: Moisturizing

  • by Alfons Mala

This is the final part in a 3-part series of CTM (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize).

Why Moisturize?

Moisturizers are an essential crucial part of skincare. Even if you think you have oily skin it is still important to moisturize. Lack of moisturization will eventually lead to flaky dry skin and even pre-mature ageing skin.

Mature skin benefits greatly from moisturizing. As we get older, skin loses collagen and elasticity and becomes dry with ageing, it’s a natural process as the body goes through menopause and faces environmental irritants and pollution and harsh windy weather in winter, all of which leaves you battling with dry skin and the need to protect skin.

We never think of face masks as a way of moisturizing but a great skincare mask for exactly this is hibiscus powder with multani mitti. Hibiscus powder, known as the botox plant is abundant in vitamins A B C and antioxidants, its high mucilage content helps to lock in moisture, enhancing skin's elasticity, collagen and hydration, it leaves skin feeling smooth, radiant and glowing. Face is conditioned. For ageing, dry skin, add tulsi, aloe vera and brahmi powder to hibiscus and multani mitti. Not only will the face feel radiant, these powders will tighten and brighten skin leaving it glowing and moisturized. Nothing can stop the ageing process but you can slow it down a bit!

However, you will still need to use a moisturizer after face mask to keep skin supple and hydrated. For daytime, use a light day moisturizer or natural aloe vera gel (without alcohol) which helps to lock in moisture. Never rub in aloe vera gel until dry, as you would a lotion or cream. Apply aloe vera gel onto skin, saturate skin and leave to air dry. This is beneficial for locking in moisture. For night-time try using a rich hydrating face cream or night cream of your choice.

To personalize your own face cream the Davis Finest Liquorice & Mulberry Face Cream can be used as a base cream to add your favourite oils and butters to – I always use face cream as a base and add to it to suit my own personal individual skincare needs to keep skin hydrated and refreshed at all times.

Moisturize skin day and night particularly in winter seasons. Always wear a night cream to replenish the skin while sleeping. 

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